Sneek Peek at EPR's Nightmare Before Christmas

For the last several weeks, under the artistic vision of Erica and with the help of Paula, we've been constructing the most ambitious theme party EPR has ever done, EPR's Nightmare Before Christmas. We're now a week out from December 18th and there's still a ton of work to be done, but we're confident that it'll all come together.

This is our 13th theme party of 2013. A fitting number for Nightmare Before Christmas, don't you think? Amazingly, it's actually not our last because we're going to squeeze in one more theme party on Sunday, December 22nd, EPR's Electric Christmas.

Check out this sneak preview of what we've been working on. I've left out some things so we'll still have some awesome surprises for you once you arrive, but I did want to show you some of what's being built and the detail and effort going into it.

Erica hand making wreaths with custom nightmare before skulls and hand painted ornaments.

Paula carving Jack Skellington pumpkin heads. 

Erica painting the sides of what will become giant presents for the stage. 

I used some photoshop skills to custom print this Nightmare Before Christmas wrapping paper. Paula wrapped them.

This is the start of Oogie Boogie's Holiday Tricks & Treats wheel. When finished, this will light up and perform a little light show next to a giant Oogie Boogie which Erica is making.

I've gotten pretty good with a jig saw to say the least.

Here's the wheel starting to come together. The next part is even more challenging. Good thing I still have a week left!

This really is a party to remember. Don't miss out because December 18th is one of the biggest nights of the year and with this amazing party happening, it's sure to sell out. I really recommend you grab a pre-sale to guarantee admission.



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